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Genie Timeline Free

It offers a nice and fast way of backing up your important files
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Genie Timeline Free is a simple, fast, and reliable tool for easily backing up data of any kind from local, external, or network storage drives attached to your PC. It can back up documents, photos, videos, archives, music, and any other kind of files. Furthermore, it's capable of detecting changes in order to back up only modified files, if that's what you need. Keeping versions of files to allow the recovery of older ones is also possible. Last but not least, file filters are also available, letting you select only some specific files or types of files for backup.

As you can see, Genie Timeline Free is quite powerful even if it's the smallest member of the Genie Timeline family. The more advanced “Home” and “Pro” editions are even more comprehensive and feature-rich, but they're also no longer free. Anyway, Genie Timeline Free is also really easy to use. Its interface is both straightforward and intuitive, allowing even complete beginners to handle this neat tool without any problem at all.

I also like a lot how Genie Timeline Free automatically adjusts its computer's resources consumption levels so that the backups are performed faster when the computer is idle. This also means that it won't slow down your computer or make it unusable by prioritizing the backup jobs when the memory and CPU consumption rates are already high. In other words, it's a really smart tool.

To conclude, Genie Timeline Free is a great data backup solution even if it's only the lighter, free edition of the Genie Timeline products.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Accelerates the backup speed when the computer is idle
  • Free


  • Minimum interval between each backup restricted to 8 hours in free version
  • Various other features, functions, and settings are missing from the free edition
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